Frogs of Southern Africa
· 160 frogs · 1400 photographs · 152 calls · 70 videos

Frogs of Southern Africa is the definitive interactive guide to frog identification in southern Africa and is suitable for all nature lovers, amateur 'froggers', students and professional scientists.

Intuitive and accessible, the app introduces the user to 160 frog species in the region. The species, with their tadpole stages, are comprehensively described, covering conservation status, calls, distribution maps, habits, habitats and key ID points. The genera are also fully described and illustrated, and a 'distinctive characters' feature provides key information at a glance.

Identification is further aided by some 1400 photographs, 70 videos that record frog behaviour, and 152 calls.

A Smart Search function uses four morphological characteristics, combined with distribution maps and GPS-driven location-based data, to help users narrow down their search and make a positive identification of the specimen they have found. The Compare function allows users to view two different frog species side by side on the same screen, which makes it easier to distinguish between species that are similar in appearance.

The app includes a Life List feature, which makes it possible for the more serious frogger to store sightings, including the date of the observation, comments and GPS location. This list can be exported to email.

The app also allows users to upload their sightings and other data to an online database at the Animal Demography Unit (ADU) at the University of Cape Town, providing scientists with valuable data about the distribution and conservation status of frog species across southern Africa. Easy to use, fun and educational, this app is the definitive tool for all nature lovers, amateur froggers, students and professional scientists.
  • The most comprehensive app on the frogs of southern Africa, covering 160 species
  • Full descriptions of frog and tadpole biology and behaviour, habitats and conservation status
  • Multiple high-quality photographs per species
  • 70 high-definition videos
  • Distribution maps for all species
  • 152 frog calls
  • View frogs by using English, Afrikaans or scientific names
  • Uses GPS location plotting and a simple key to narrow down search results and accurately identify a species in its natural habitat or in a laboratory
  • Compare two species side by side on the same screen
  • A personal frog list for storing sightings on the device
  • Packed with authoritative information written and supplied by leading experts in the field
    'What a fantastic app! Du Preez' presentation at HAA 2017 convinced me to try it out. Works brilliantly and allows you to leave your heavy field guides at home. The submit to ADU feature is great. I think the most useful feature of all is the comprehensive list of calls available to the user.' - Courtney Robert Hundermark, May 13, 2017

    'Absolutely the best amphibian resource for the region. Up to date with latest developments in taxonomy. This is by far the best wildlife app I know of and other developers should look and learn from this one... Highly recommended!' - Walter Neser, January 27, 2017
    Sasol Young Explorer Frogs
    A multilingual app that introduces young kids to southern Africa's frogs and toads in a colourful, informative and stimulating way.
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